The Adventure Begins

I've waited for this moment all my life! Not until I discovered Queens University of Charlotte in 2009 did I realize that the opportunity would be available to me. I never thought I'd get a chance to step into an Asian country, let alone study there, and live in so soon. February 25, 2013, I will hop into South Korea, the land of gaming and hotties!

Ewha Womans University

"Ewha Womans University today is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea. Established in 1886 as the first-ever educational institution for Korean women, Ewha has pioneered in education in Korea to become the largest women's excellent academic, distinguished faculty and a bold vision have fostered numerous women leaders and significantly contributed to the development of Korean society. Ewha Womans University is the alma mater of the most prominent, influential and historic role models in Korea. Ewha is committed to specializing and carrying out world-class research in Korean culture, languages, life sciences, information and communication, art and design, international relations and area studies. Ewha Womans University is open to male and female international students. Total enrollment: over 24,000 students.... Ewha Womans University is situated in the most exciting campus town in the Shinchon area of Seoul, about 10 minutes by subway or bus from downtown Seoul, the capital and heart of the Republic of Korea. One discovers what it means to enjoy the beautiful Ewha campus, and the vibrant larger community of both Shinchon and Seoul. The Ewha Campus Complex, designed by prominent French architect, Dominique Perrault who built Bibliothque nationale de France in Paris, is one of the most beautiful campus facilities in the world and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as e-learning class rooms, cafes, movie theater, art hall, and shops."


-excerpt from my Institutional Information Sheet (IIS)

EWU Walkthrough

This is the best walkthrough of Ewha that I can find. It is pretty entertaining.

*You can skip 7:40 to 12:50. They have a poetry competition in an empty classroom that some viewers might not like, plus it is slightly boring.