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Week Seventeen (June 16 - 19)

05/11/2013 00:07
June 16th Blah         June 17th Blah         June 18th Blah         June 19th Blah

Week Sixteen (June 9 - 15)

05/11/2013 00:06
Month XXth Blah         Month XXth Blah         Month XXth Blah         Month XXth Blah         Month XXth Blah         Month XXth Blah         Month XXth Blah

Week Fifteen (June 2 - 8)

05/11/2013 00:05
June 2nd Blah         June 3rd Blah         June 4th Blah         June 5th Blah         June 6th Blah         June 7th Blah         June 8th Blah

Week Fourteen (May 26 - June 1)

05/11/2013 00:04
May 26th Blah         May 27th Blah         May 28th Blah         May 29th Blah         May 30th Blah         May 31st Blah         June 1st Blah

Week Thirteen (May 19 - 25)

05/11/2013 00:03
May 19th Blah         May 20th Blah         May 21th Blah         May 22nd Blah         May 23rd Blah         May 24th Blah         May 25th Blah

Week Twelve (May 12 - 18)

05/11/2013 00:02
May 12th Blah         May 13th Blah         May 14th Blah         May 15th Blah         May 16th Blah         May 17th Blah         May 18th Blah

Week Eleven (May 5 - 11)

05/11/2013 00:01
May 5th Tried out something different with my hair then curled it. Strutted through Sinchon, curls a-bouncing. Drawing stares. My egocentric moment of the day. lindiedd       May 6th Skipping tennis for two weeks = loss of what little skill I had. knedfkne I can't have girl...

Week Ten (April 28 - May 4)

05/10/2013 23:00
April 28th I decided to keep my word and go to the 15th New Life Family Walkathon sponsored by the WeLoveYou Foundation that an Ewha physics professor invited me to, despite my crutch and injured foot. She and the gathered students tried to dissuade me, but I made a promise! The journey to Seoul...

Week Nine (April 21 - 27)

04/25/2013 19:14
April 21th Told myself to I was going to get up and work on art projects. Today would be the day I would buy the necessary to start my final self portrait due next Thursday. Didn't happen. I was glued to Mad, Mad House on Hulu.   Somehow I managed to chip the corner of my right big toe to the...

Week Eight (April 14 - 20)

04/14/2013 10:03
April 14th Still paying for Friday night BIG TIME, though after 5am, I am feeling MUCH better, but still nauseated. Plus I have to work on another group project today at 1pm for Painting, and I'm tell you I do not really care for that class. Hopefully our project comes out presentable after I put...
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