Welcome to the gallery of my tomfoolery, named so, because photography and videography are not my fortes. Also, my swiveling around with camera in hand practically screams "I'm a tourist!" so they'll probably be blurred or something. Hope for the best!


Here is the link to the gallery on my Facebook page. Don't worry, you do not need an account to see them: South Korea Album

These videos show the way down from the tennis courts, which are on top of a mountain.
These videos are of the waterworks show at Banpo Bridge.
This video is tail end of the miltary performance at the15th New Life Family Walkathon sponsored by the WeLoveYou Foundation.
This video is a video clip of Roy Kim preforming "봄봄봄" (Spring Spring Spring) at Ewha's festival. Sorry for the video quality of my phone). ((In the process of uploading))