02/24/2013 10:00

I forgot to mention that my mom, aunt, and I took a trip to the Richmond International Airport a few weeks ago. The last time I was there was when I was four in daycare. For some reason, we took a trip there, although it was probably to the air museum out front, because I recall running up and down the aisle with friends. I highly doubt the personnel would allow children to run amok on a real plane. It was an informative experience. A Delta employee talked to us for a bit.


So in the name of preparation, I bought stuff. I got long johns and a trench coat, because Korea is a little bit colder than Virginia. I bought a ton of feminime products, because who knows if I will be able to read the brand labels over there. My aunt suggested I buy storage bags that I can roll the air out of to make more space, and they do well! I invested in tissues, new jeans, a pair of boots (that won't be going cause they won't fit in the suitcase), a carry-on suitcase, tags, locks, a laptop bag, a laptop (thanks to parents), a mouse, etc etc etc.


Thanks to a librarian, I had this list to help me pack:

 photo Pack-This.jpg



This is what my room looked like while packing Saturday February 23:

 photo d49742ef-a11a-484c-a717-79e1faa830a1.jpg



This is what my room looked like semi-finished Sunday February 24:

 photo WP_20130223_003.jpg


Ready to roll out in the morning!