Testing 1..2..3!

09/30/2012 03:21

Hi! It's me here at 3:21 in the morning. I have a dozen other things I should be working on, including sleep, but I decided to begin to put together my blog for South Korea. Six months early.  Yes, yes, I've counted the eggs before the hens've even laid them!


Update: November 17, 2012

If you're wondering about the banner, it is inspired by the Korean historical fantasy drama called "Faith" (or the God's Doctor) and Shut Up and Let's Go (Flower Boy Band). Both are amazing and so are their male actors! *wink* You should watch them on Hulu.com. From left to right: Me, Lee Min Ho, Bang Sung Joon, Lee Hyun Jae, and Sung Hoon Bang.

I'm just too excited! This is going live in February!