The Third Time Should Be The Charm

02/01/2013 11:14

Last night Ewha sent an email saying that the English-speaking course catalog for the spring is live. Goodie! Thankfully, I've picked out the courses and matched them to Queens' for credit. Or so I thought.


I have a growing patch of grey hairs now. Seriously. Four+ strands is no joking matter for a female.


Half of the classes I had gotten approved by various professors aren't in the catalog. My luck! There aren't many classes that I want to take or could get credit for. To make matters difficult, the Korean Language Program is from 8 to 10:45 AM, the first two blocks of the day and it overlaps several classes I could have taken. It's also worth six credits. I placed out of taking German at Queens, and I passed Elementary Chinese I and II for fun. Is there any way to get credit for this?! I'll be back with an answer...



Update: February 11, 2013

I've sent emails to my coordinator at Queens, my academic advisor, the Registrar's Office, department chairs, basically everyone in order to get what I need to get done. It's not east coordinating between a university five hours south and a country on the other side of the world.


In other news, I've been wondering about how much money I should take with me. After chatting with my roommate, Emmie, I settled on $500. I waltzed into my bank and told the teller I wanted to order Korean won. About 15 minutes later and $510 lighter, I trotted back to my vehicle with a receipt in hand. The won will be delivered to the bank on Wednesday at the earliest. It was a painless process.



Update: February 16, 2013

Once again, I got ahead of myself. After entering panic mode and emailing all relevant parties, a call to the Registrar's Office cleared up everything. I was lead to believe that I had to have all of my classes picked out, approved, end of story. Not quite. The approval forms are more of a guesstimate. When I arrive back to Queens with my transcript from Ewha, we will then figure out what credits go where. Talk about a weight lifted!