Week Eleven (May 5 - 11)

05/11/2013 00:01
May 5th

Tried out something different with my hair then curled it. Strutted through Sinchon, curls a-bouncing. Drawing stares. My egocentric moment of the day.





May 6th

Skipping tennis for two weeks = loss of what little skill I had.


I can't have girl shoes? Fine. I've played this game before. Going to buy some stylish man flip flops sometime this week. Take THAT, 250mm-women's shoe limit!





May 7th

Trance is the surest way to insure I get work done. Minimal beat variations limit dancing and horseplay. Here's to finishing the remaining 50% of my project to present in class tomorrow! XD






May 8th






May 9th

Majorly annoyed. Have to go to Jongno-gu's art galleries again for Drawing. Wasn't a fan of it the first time around ~_~ Let's go to a new area at least...


They say moms' know best, but~ I win this time :) Invited to watch a friend's piano performance at a Unification church near Seoul Station (no, I'm Baptist). The people were super sweet (I died) and there was SALTY POPCORN and BOYS. Two of my greatest loves!! Makes me wish I'd picked Yonsei XD Going back next Wednesday~







May 10th

Rainy day? A plus. Art museums? A negative. Helped a Singaporean couple find suitcase locks and take a picture with them? A plus. Make clay flower icon? A plus. Saw a man dressed up like Superman with a "P" freak out over my hair but lose to him playing rock-paper-scissors? Neutralized. Met a hot Korean man (and I mean MAN) interested in mentoring university students seeking jobs? Double plus. Participating in a not-quite-Silent-Party with an orange balloon tied to my headphones and dancing with strangers at 3:30pm? Super super plus. Overall, it was a freaking awesome, random, day!






May 11th

Hey Queens. Ewha's has been doing yard work since about 4. In the afternoon. Take a hint, since I'm going to be living on campus next semester XP