Formal greeting:

My name is Jasmine White, a junior at Queens University of Charlotte.  My major is New Media Design and my minor is Creative Writing, specifically fiction. I have been interested in Asian culture and drawing the human body since elementary school, thanks to Toonami, a nightly cartoon program that displayed anime.  From there, I explored video games, graphic design, Asian music, and their dramas.  One of my life goals has been to travel to at least one Asian country.


Informal greeting:

Jello! (Not a typo.) My name's Jasmine and time really flew. I'm a junior at Queens. I'm majoring in New Media Design, minoring in Creative Writing (fiction). I started watching Toonami as a kid which introduced me to anime. Something about the way the lines flowed drew me to anime-style drawing. My best friend Sandy kept me going by introducing me to "Crazy" by Se7en in seventh grade and my interested floored it from there. Their video games are far more intellectual and their dramas are extremely endearing. Try watching Boys Before Flowers and tell me you don't cry/laugh! I say Asia's got the new standards of technology. It only makes sense to want to study there, aside from my attraction.