Week Five (March 24 - 30)

03/28/2013 08:00
March 24th



March 25th



March 26th

Shopping spree, shoes are small, 밥FULL


March 27th

Registering for classes back at Queens


March 28th

Had to go back to the bank today, because the banker forgot to copy my passport when I withdrew money two days ago. When she called me last night, I thought it was just a young woman who dialed the wrong number. She was too sweet and personal, but she was the banker! So after doing some charades with the man in charge of the ticket machine and another banker, we figured out which banker she was (they are all so pretty and cute (No lesbo)). When she handed bank my passport, she gave me a gift, I assume to apologize for me having to come back in. It is a 3-pocket folder with Shinhan Bank's logo on it. Sweet gesture. But not necessary, but adorable.


I forgot the reason my normally 2 PM class got pushed back two hours when I used my phone to translate the Korean message taped to the class door. I was nude model in Drawing Workshop. That seemed appropriate, what with there being music wafting from the door, like euro techno, the slow stripping kind. Really weirding me out. Thankfully, our class is all female as was the model, but still... Not acceptable. Already have a hard time being in the shower with myself, let alone drawing some nameless Korean lady. Nightmares~



March 29th

Presenting wood paintings in Basic Painting, "Big size" in Itaewon, McDonalds, clubbing in Gangnum/Sinsa, Korean men's behavior in clubs


March 30th

My buddy sent me messages shortly before 1 PM. I was supposed to go to a traditional Korean town and wear one of the costumes to see what live was like way back when, but I was DRAINED. I stayed in bed until 5. Then I limped my way out of bed, washed my hair of the odd smoky smell that never changes no matter what club I go to, showered, curled my hair, then did nothing for the rest of the day.