Week Seven (April 7 - 13)

04/07/2013 12:45
April 7th






April 8th






April 9th






April 10th






April 11th






April 12th

8pm: Was going to study for exams, but if there are single Korean boys walking around Sinchon, how could I say no? Plus I didn't go out last weekend!

*This night turned out to be the equivalent of a night in Las Vegas, thus I won't tell you nothin'! Arrived back to campus with Krista at 10AM in one piece, safe but not so sound...*





April 13th

I am paying for last night/morning. I'm never drinking soju again! Studying for Korean was impossible, especially after having to spend what was left of the daylight hours to wash and style my hair unexpectedly thanks to a certain occurance. Now I won't be able to get a perm until May! What do you think of these styles? It's going to get humid soon.

(I like this cornrow mohawk style best, because I can still curl the part not braided, though the rows need to be a little thicker.)